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NEXT PERFORMANCE: David will perform works by Chopin, Gal and Bach at a recital on Saturday 17th November at Sutton House in Hackney. For details, see Concerts.

Listen to David's live performance of  Traquet stapezin (Black-eared Wheatear) from Olivier Messiaen's Catalogue d'oiseaux, newly uploaded onto SoundCloud.  Here's a link to one of the songs the composer was imitating.

David’s CD featuring Nikolai Kapustin's Op 53 Preludes, and Sonata No 1 (Sonata-Fantasia) was released at the end of May 2013 to critical acclaim. Here is what music critics said about the recording: 

Andrew McGregor on his weekly
 BBC Radio 3 CD Review described Kapustin's music as "a deliriously joyful synthesis of jazz and classical composition" and said: "There is something about Brain's playing that really taps well into the complexity and inventive joy of the music in the Preludes and also in Kapustin's Fantasy Sonata.  I really enjoyed this."  Listen to the full review   A
ndrew Clark, in the Financial Times, wrote: "The interpreter needs a non-academic sense of freedom as well as a 
dazzling technique, and Brain meets both demands in a performance that should win Kapustin new admirers." 
Guy Weatherall wrote on his blog that the composer, a fine pianist himself, has recorded most of his own music, "yet in this new disc, Brain is every bit as dazzling and persuasive, and significantly better recorded".

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